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B.E. University of New South Wales May 1961
M.Sc. University of New South Wales May 1969
Ph.D. and D.I.C. Imperial College (Royal School of Mines), University of London January 1974


Geological consultant.
Tutor at the University of the Third Age.
Freelance philosopher


2002-2005: Adjunct Associate Professor at QUT. This involved supervision of post-graduate students.

I was awarded the Neville Stevens Medal by the Queensland Division of the Geological Society of Australia on 30th April 2003 for my contribution to geoscience education and raising public awareness of geology.

1982-2002: Associate Professor, School of Natural Resource Sciences, Queensland University of Technology. Appointed permanent Head, Department of Applied Geology, Queensland Institute of Technology (later Queensland University of Technology) on 26th February, 1982 and served in that role continually to 26th February 1989 . From then to retirement on 28 February 2002 I have held the positions of Principal Lecturer and Associate Professor.

1980-1982: Senior Consulting Geologist with Robertson Research ( Australia ) Pty. Ltd., consulting for a wide range of clients mostly on coal exploration and exploitation. This involved conceptual studies, assessment of investment opportunities, rapid evaluations of prospective areas, detailed evaluation of selected areas, field exploration and property examination including supervision of drilling programs, literature analysis, reporting and liaison with clients.
I also delivered an undergraduate course on Coal Geology at the NSW Institute of Technology when the regular lecturer in Coal Geology went on leave during this period.

1976-1980: Research Scientist (promoted to Senior Research Scientist) with the Fuel Geoscience Unit of CSIRO Institute of Earth Resources. This work involved new and specialised research into coal characterisation and utilisation especially in relation to coal liquefaction, and resulted in a new predictive technique for use in coal technology. Following the completion of that research, I joined the CSIRO Division of Mineralogy carrying out research on igneous intrusions in the Sydney Basin . This resulted in a new chronology for volcanic and intrusive events in the Sydney Basin .

Whilst employed by CSIRO, at special request, I devised and delivered courses on Coal Petrology to senior students at Macquarie University and Monash University .

1975-1976: During the period as a Lecturer in Economic Geology at the University of Papua New Guinea , I was elected Head of Department for the first semester. In consultation with other lecturers, I devised, developed and initiated the new degree course in Geology (before that Geology had been given only as a service subject). During the three semesters of my service there I was awarded University funds for three research projects:- (1) mineralization by sulphate-reducing and iron-oxidizing bacteria in volcanic environments at Rabaul and Bougainville, (2) layered base metal sulphide mineralization associated with the Ok Tedi porphyry copper deposit, and (3) volcanic sublimates at Kar Kar volcano. These projects also involved an examination of the Bougainville porphyry copper deposit, a re-visit to Matupi volcano and an inspection of Bagana volcano and Langilla volcano (during a climactic eruptive phase). Furthermore, I made a laboratory study of the remarkable potting clays used in Papua New Guinea (this is acknowledged in "The Traditional Pottery of Papua New Guinea" by P.May and M.Tuckson, 1982, Bay Books, Sydney ).

1974-1975: Tutor in Economic Geology at University of New South Wales for one semester.

1969-1974: Research for Doctoral degree. Although the laboratory and office work for this was carried out in London , the field work was in the Arabian coastal desert bordering the Red Sea , over a period of seven months. This involved investigation of the Jabal Dhaylan lead-zinc-copper-manganese occurrences, and the search over a vast amount of remote territory for further mineralization.
During this time I also tutored in the subject "Geology for Engineers" at Chelsea College , and to a lesser extent at Imperial College . In accordance with the conditions for my research grant, I gave practical geological field research work tuition to Government Geologists while carrying out field work in Saudi Arabia .
Prior to commencing this research, I examined the graphite mines in Sri Lanka and also delivered a paper on the volcanic necks of Sydney to the International Volcanological Symposium at Oxford . Later, I visited the volcanoes of Europe (Santorini, Etna, Vesuvius, Solfatara, Vulcan and Stromboli ), extinct volcanic necks in Scotland , and mineral deposits in Cornwall and Ireland .

1964-1969: Research for Masters degree, teaching and consulting. The teaching involved Tutoring and Demonstrating to a variety of undergraduate degree classes, and lecturing to an Honours class. On request, I devised and delivered a special course on Engineering Petrography for Masters Degree students in the School of Civil Engineering . This was repeated on request.
The consulting was self-employed and involved laboratory studies and literature research (including geological maps) as well as mining property evaluation (which, as above, involved planning and supervision of diamond drilling programs etc.).
Prior to beginning this research I took leave to examine the active volcanoes of Southeast Asia . This included the witnessing of the post-climactic eruptive activity of Gunung Agung volcano, and the pre-climactic eruptive activity of Aso volcano in Japan . Sulphur , tin, fluorite, and gold mines were also visited in Taiwan , Malaya , Thailand and the Philippines respectively.

1961-1964: Geologist with the Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics. I was seconded to the Department of Lands, Mines and Surveys as resident geologist in Papua New Guinea . The work included foundation investigations for the Rouna Falls Hydroelectric Scheme, village groundwater supply investigations, reconnaissance mapping, and mining property evaluation. The latter work included mapping and sampling as well as planning, supervision and evaluation of diamond drilling programs for gold, copper and manganese mineralization.

1957-1961: The Bachelor of Engineering course included three separate semesters of cooperative education ("sandwich course" work). This involved underground and surface mapping at the North Broken Hill Ltd. mine, surveying and office geology with BHP , and beach sand exploration for rutile, zircon and monazite with National Minerals in the Swansea region.


I have obtained the following grants since joining QUT in 1982:
1982 CSIRO core study 1. $ 9,000
1983 CSIRO core study 2. $ 7,000
1985 Australian Research Grants Scheme 1 $ 9,820
1986 Australian Research Grants Scheme 2. $10,000
1986-7 QIT-CSIRO Collaborative Grant 1. $12,300
1987-8 QIT-CSIRO Collaborative Grant 2. $10,000
1990 QUT-CSIRO Collaborative Grant $ 8000
1991 QUT-CSIRO Collaborative Grant $ 8845
1992-3 Mobil Scholarship (for MAppSc ) $ 26500
1993 CSIRO Scholarship (for Hons.) $ 6000
1994 Asia Pacific Minerals Scholarship $ 8710
1994 Aust. Vice-Chancellors Committee $ 10000
1995 Strike Mining Scholarship $ 3000
1997 Northern Territory Gold $ 9000
1997 Strike Mining $ 5000
1998 Macmin and Rimfire $ 6000
1999 BNGO $ 10000
2001 WMCFertilizers $ 9000
2001 Qld. Gas $ 10000
2001 Marley Accomodation Centres $ 7000
TOTAL $129,175

This does not include logistical and incidental costs to companies for research work (air travel, 4wd. travel, accommodation, for four field trips per student and other expenses such as freight, chemistry, thesis production etc.). This was about $10,000 per student for 17 of the Honours students and 4 of the Masters students totalling about $200,000.


Third year students carried out projects in their last year in the form of a thesis but these were not recognised as theses. The standard ranged from that of reports to that of a full honours level thesis (eg. Stegman 1982). They involved mapping, laboratory work and reporting. I organised this subject and the funding for the projects, several of which were supported by outside funding. The following individual projects were supervised by me.


McCabe, S. Geology of the South Buaraba district SE Qld
Parker, IG. The Geology of the Neurum Creek-Byron Creek area, ES Qld

Stegman, CL. The Geology of the Mount Cross area, SE Qld


Barlow , MI. Geology of the Mount Minto-Teviot Brook area, SE Qld
Downes, R. The geology of the Taromeo district, SE Qld


Barker, AJ. The Geology of the Upper Gobongo Creek area, near Gallungowan, SE Qld
Barron, A. Geology of the Lady Agnes copper deposit near Mount Isa, NW Qld
Evans, P. The Geology of the Northern Pipeline prospect, NW Qld
Hammond, AJ. The Geology of the Bongmillerer and Serpentine Creek area SE Qld
Silvonen, Kirsi M. Geology north and south of Gobongo Creek, SE Qld


Bassingthwaighte, H. The geology of the Baryugil-Clarence River area,NSW
Forster, RM. Geology of the Mount Biggenden area SE Qld
Hague, R C. Geology of the Mount May area SE Qld
Virtue, RJ. Geology of the Pikedale- Mount You You area SE Qld


Fazey, P. Project Cedarton, SE Qld


Irvine , C. The Geology of the east Buraba district, SE Qld
Meyer, AL. The Geology of the Booroobin area SE Qld


Harmsworth, WR. The Geology of Forest Creek area, SE Qld
Whitlock, B. Geology of the Black Snake Plateau, SE Qld


Roach, A. Geology of the Serpentine Creek Area, Gympie


Smith, Rebecca A. comparative study of dykes and their effects on coal seams within the German Creek seam, Bowen Basin , Queensland


Hinton, J. Major controls on coal quality variation in the Callide Coal Measures



Student Completion Date Thesis Title

James, A. 1990 The geology of the Oakey Creek area, Gayndah, Southeast Queensland (with CRA )
Roach, A. 1990 Geology of the South Gympie Goldfield, Southeast Queensland (with BHP Gympie)
Biggam, J. 1992 Geology and mineralization of the Mount Hector area, Central Queensland (with CPM)
Lawrence, J. 1992 Geology and mineralization of Horses Head Tenement Paroo Ranges, Mount Isa, Queensland (with MIM)
Walsh, L. 1993 A model for coal quality, type and breakage character in the Katoomba Seam, Illawarra Coal Measures, Sydney Basin (with CSIRO)
Snape, M. 1994 Geology and genesis of the Attunga skarn deposits, New South Wales (with Asia Pacific Minerals)
Day, A. 1995 Structure and grade controls of an andesitic-hosted gold deposit at Manumbar, S.E.Queensland(with Cornwall Resources Corporation)
Pagaduan, A 1995 Geology of the Mine Corridor Volcanics and associated mineralization at the Mount Morgan Prospect (with Perilya Mines)
Orme, T. 1995 The genesis of the Triple Crown breccia gold deposit (with Strike Mining)
Kent, P 1995 Coal geology of the Walloon Coal Measures at Ebenezer Coal Mine, South-east Queensland (with Idemitsu South Queensland Coal)
Chern, P 1997 Geology of the Blackstone Formation,Ipswich Coal Measures (with New Hope Collieries)
Hatcher, R 1997 Relations of structure, mineralisation and alteration at Tavutu gold prospect, Fiji (with Emperor Gold Mines)
Hodge,I 1997 The coal quality controls of the coal seams in the Nardell Coal Mine,NSW (with Nardell Colliery)
Williams, J 1997 Nature & distribution of heavy minerals & potential diamond sources, Stanthorpe,S.E.Queensland (with Northern Territory Gold)
Whitaker, S 1997 The geology, petrography and petrogenesis of the igneous host Yarrol gold prospect, S.E.Queensland (with Strike Mining)
Jupp, K 1998 Metallogenesis of the Silver Spur group of polymetallicdeposits near Texas, South East Queensland (with Rimfire and Macmin)
McLeod, A 1999 The Cracow gold-bearing quartz vein system with special reference to the Golden West area, S.E.Qld.(with Newcrest Mining)
Johnson, L 2000 Sedimentological controls on ore genesis, Centuary Zinc deposit, Northwest Queensland (with Pasminco)
Mascini, J 2001 Weathering and diagenesis of the Duchess Phosphorites, Northwest Queensland (with Western Mining Fertilizers)
Curd, A 2001 Gold mineralisation of the Mt Britton Goldfield, Central Queensland (with Marley Accomodation Centres)
Clark, J 2001 The genesis of the Thackeringa zoned pegmatites, Broken Hill, NSW (not company supported)
Dingwall, J 2001 Coal bed methane in the Walloon Coal Measures (with Queensland Gas Company)


Sarlin, S 1995 Geology of the Oakleigh Coal Mine


McConachie B.A. 1985 A geological study of the South Walker Creek Coalfield and its setting within the Northern Bowen Basin , (with Comalco)

Williams, J.P. 1986 Upward continuation of magnetic data in the frequency domain, (with QIT), associate supervisors Dr.S. Hall and Mr. L.Meara

Haughton, D.L. 1986 The Rangal Coal Measures, South Blackwater , Central Queensland , (with CSR South Blackwater Colliery) associate supervisor, Dr. A. Arakel

Grubb, K.B. 1989 The engineering geology of the Central Business District of Brisbane, (with Soil Surveys)

Tasker, B.S. 1990 Optimisation of drilling patterns in mineral exploration and exploitation in long narrow areas, (with QUT)

Pattison, C.I. 1991 Igneous intrusions in the Bowen Basin coalfields, Queensland (with CSIRO), associate supervisor Dr C. Mallett (on scholarship)

Biggs, M.S. 1997 Iron distribution in the Callide Coal Measures and its effect on coal quality (with Callide Coal, subsidiary of Shell), associate supervisor Dr J. Esterle

Chern, P 2004 Architecture of the Ipswich Coal Measures, associate supervisor Dr J. Esterle

Haselwood, R 2004 Petroleum potential of the Clarence Morton Basin (with BNGO)

I was a member of the Graduate Studies Standing Committee (overseeing the MAppSc degree) for several years and was the Coordinator of the honours degree in geology when it was introduced in 1990.


McConachie B.A. 1994
Basin analysis and economic geology of the northern Mount Isa Basin , Queensland
This thesis received high recommendations from all three examiners.

I was nominated for the best lecturer award for 1994 and 2001 by QUT Student Guild for professionalism and quality teaching.
I was certified as Excellent Lecturer by QUT Student Guild in recognition of outstanding survey results in the 1990 Alternative Handbook.
Most student appraisals of teaching conducted by QUT Academic Development Unit are around the excellent level. I was independently rated 5/5 by StudentsGuild in 2001 for the unit “Ore Genesis.


I served on many committees at QIT and QUT including the Science Faculty Academic Board, Course Assessment Committees, Consultative Committee for Geology at QIT and for the course at University of Queensland , Graduate Studies Standing Committee, and the Personal Appointment Committee for selection of professors and associate professors.